How to choose the best soft close drawer slides

Desunia soft-close devices are easy to identify due to their trademark maroon color, but it’s how they’re built that really makes the difference. First, check out the engagement pin! This thing is like a tank compared to the competition! And that’s assuming that the competition is even using metal in the first place. Yeah, get ready to be horrified, because many brands use plastic here. Plastic!!! Oh sure, that’s gonna last.

We test our soft-close devices for thousands of cycles, but in the unlikely event of one failing, you won’t need to get a whole new set of slides. Here’s why. See this little tab? Just press & push and the whole thing comes right out the back. Then pop in a new one, and you’re good to go.

Of course, we have breather tabs that compensate for drawers are a bit narrow, oblong screw holes for easy adjustments, and optional rear brackets for face frame cabinets. All that is great, but we saved the best for last because the real showstopper is the ball bearings. We use 50% more bearings than most, which really puts an exclamation point on the term “heavy-duty”.

So, let’s recap.

  • Screws included
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Knurled finish
  • Thicker steel
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable soft-closers
  • Breather tabs
  • Oblong screw holes
  • Face Frame compatible
  • Tons of ball bearings 

So, back to the original question… what brand should you get? Ahhh, no need to answer, it was a rhetorical question! You know!