From Our Family... to Yours!


Hey, thanks for checking us out! I'm Mike Dugan (the old guy in the middle). After spending 4 decades in the custom cabinet business, I founded Desunia in 2014. I'm sure you've heard about companies that started out small, right? Well, our humble beginnings involved yours truly carefully weighing out and packaging little bags of shelf supports. Don't laugh, but even at that early stage, it gave me an entrepreneurial thrill to see folks around the country buying the things that I was offering.

About a year later, as things picked up, I got some much-needed help from the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. That would be Lee, the lady that I've been honored to call my wife since 1978. We did everything literally at our kitchen table. Packaging products, filling orders, answering emails, and finding more sources of the best hardware out there.

We continued to grow, and before our house became completely overwhelmed, we rented a small commercial space to run things out of. That's when our eldest son, Brent, joined us. Two years later, we found ourselves in need of an even bigger location, which is the 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse we now operate from. It's still just the three of us, so when you call, there's a pretty good chance (i.e. 100%) that you'll be speaking to a Dugan.

Growing a small business is truly exhilarating, and helping folks find what they need is immensely satisfying, but doing all this with the people I love... that's as good as it gets.