Soft Close Euro Hinge - Full Overlay

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"Who knew that a hinge could solve so many problems?
Desunia hinges offer safety, simplicity, durability, affordability… even sanity!

“Clip-On” = Safe

Once you clip this hinge on, it stays on. That’s not the case with inferior “slide-on” hinges. That type is held in place only by hand tightening a set screw.
That set screw can (and will) eventually work its way loose over time, with predictably bad results.
Our clip-on feature also lets you quickly and easily remove/re-hang doors during installation!

Lots of Side Adjustment!
The lateral adjustment capability of these hinges is incredibly generous. You’ll be able to adjust your doors a maximum of 3/8” side-to-side. Wow!

Cam Adjustable Depth!
When adjusting the depth on inferior hinges, you're in for an endless cycle of: loosen a set screw/move the hinge/retighten the set screw.
Our hinges work like a dream by comparison, because depth adjustment is achieved via a cam within the hinge arm itself.
Just give it a slight turn either way and watch as the door moves toward or away from the cabinet as much as 1/8”!

Cam Adjustable Height Too!
You’'ve probably seen other hinges that use oblong slots for height adjustment. Let’s set aside the fact that they're a nightmare to adjust
because even if you manage to get them just right, they'll eventually loosen and fall to their lower limit. Our adjustment method is pure nirvana.
Just give the built-in cam a slight turn and the door raises/lowers exactly to where you want it, almost like magic!

Sanity Saving Silence!
If you have little ones who think all cabinet doors were created to be slammed, you’ll love the built-in hydraulic soft-close feature of these hinges.

Here’s what you get
- 1 Full Overlay Hinge with cam-driven depth adjustment
- 1 Mounting plate with cam-driven height adjustment
- All the necessary mounting screws

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