Keyed Alike Cabinet Lock - 7/8" Bore

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An affordable, easy to install solution for adding security to your valuables!
Whether you're looking to add some security to an office desk drawer, or want to restrict access to the liquor cabinet while you're away from home, this keyed lock from Desunia can help!

- The cylinder on this lock measures .866" in diameter and requires a 7/8" hole.
- The length of the cylinder is 15/16", so when installed in a 3/4" door/drawer front, it will project 3/16" off the face.
- Keys are all identical, allowing you to purchase multiple locks without having to keep track of what key goes where.
- Throw bolt has 7/16" of travel.

Installation Tips
- Examine the operation of the lock to determine where to bore your hole.
- Bore a 7/8" diameter hole with a sharp bit (be sure to clamp a "back up board" to the piece to avoid chipping out the back).
- Mount the lock with the provided screws.
- Install the strike plate, taking into account that because every situation is different, some wood blocking may be necessary to achieve proper alignment.
- Complete the installation by installing the escutcheon trim ring. This should fit snuggly, but if there's any play, a drop of glue should secure it just fine.

Here's what you get...
- 1 Lock with 7/8" cylinder
- 2 Keys
- 1 Nickel strike plate
- 1 Matching escutcheon trim ring
- All the necessary screws

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