Zinc Wood Screws with Auger Tip - 1000 pcs.

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Meet Your New "GO-TO" Screw!
For all your interior home improvement jobs, you'll find yourself reaching for Desunia screws again and again. Besides great prices, our screws offer a number of features we're sure you'll appreciate. So let's start at the top and work our way down!

Precisely Machined Tips
Phillips head mates perfectly with any standard #2 tip, so say "good bye" to stripped heads! And if you're ever had to hold a work piece in one hand and your drill in the other, you'll be glad to know that even our 3" long screws have no trouble being held horizontally with any decent magnetic tip.

Self-countersinking Nibs
The underside of the screw head has 3 ingeniously devised "cutting nibs", which means they'll seat nice and flush without having to manually countersink the hole first.

Partially Threaded Shanks
Other screws that are fully threaded can bind up. Ours have partial threads, which allows the smooth part of the shank to spin freely while the threads continue to bite, so you get a really tight joint with very little effort.

Auger Tips Act Like Mini Drill Bits!
If you don't have time to pre-drill or are going into softer wood (like wall studs), these tips are an absolute dream. They literally "cut" their way into the wood, allowing the rest of the screw to easily follow. This increases battery life, reduces splitting, and causes less wear & tear on the drill.

Superior Finish
Our screws have a beautiful zinc plating which leaves a nice, finished appearance to your work.

Handy, Eco-Friendly Packaging
All Desunia screws come in sturdy boxes with a picture of the product right on the front, making storage and identification a snap!

Here's What You Get...
1 box of zinc plated, Philips drive flat head wood screws with auger tips and cutting nibs - 1,000 Screws


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