No Mortise Bed Frame Brackets

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Building your own bed has never been easier!

If you've been contemplating building your own bed frame but have put it off because the rail/headboard connection has given you pause, help has arrived! D.H.S. is pleased to offer this elegant solution which will make fast work of the hidden joinery, so you can focus your talents on the parts of the bed you actually see. It just takes minutes to install in the shop, while making it possible to assemble/disassemble the bed in seconds once it's in the room.

This is HEAVY DUTY hardware! At a full 1/8" in thickness and a height of 5 3/16", this hardware is up to the task of resisting the stresses that the joint will have to endure when the head board is leaned on. Experienced cabinetmakers know that taking the cheap way out on the most important part of the bed does not pay.

Installation tips

- First, position the flat members to the side rails, making them flush to the ends. Using a vix bit, pre-drill just the 2 inner holes. Attach using the 3/4" long screws.

- Next, position the angled members on the foot/head board, setting them in the correct distance. These members are non-handed, but remember to keep large part of the teardrop facing up. Use a vix bit like you did earlier, pre-drilling only the 2 inner holes. Attach using the 1" long screws.

- Put the bed together and see how things look. If everything checks out, put in the remaining screws. If anything is a little off, make the necessary adjustments. Complete the job by adding the remaining screws.

- Important! While this hardware makes it a snap to disassemble the bed, you certainly do NOT want it to come apart by accident! Once the bed is in it's final location, be sure to pin each corner together with a final screw.

Here's what you get
- 4 Flat bed rail fittings
- 4 Non Handed head/foot board fittings
- All the appropriate fasteners
- Complete illustrated instructions


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