Interlocking Z-Clips

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The perfect solution for wall-mounting artwork, headboards, wall paneling... ANYTHING!
These clips are amazing! They allow you to quickly, easily, and INVISIBLY mount just about anything to a vertical surface, while only using 1/4" in thickness! Desunia Flush-Mount Clips are superior to conventional Z-Clips in every way. Consider...

  • They're made of STEEL, not aluminum. So they're incredibly strong.
  • They INTERLOCK! This makes it impossible for your wall-hung items to ever accidentally slide off to the side. A HUGE safety feature.
  • Screw holes are countersunk and completely symmetrical (not staggered). This makes laying out for installation 10X easier.

Installation tips...

  • Each set has about 1/16" of lateral play. This makes them fairly forgiving, but try to be as precise as possible when laying things out.
  • Attach to the wall first. The hole spacing is 1 9/16", so be sure to find the exact center of the stud and put the 1 3/4" screws in at a slight angle to ensure you get a good bite into the wood.
  • Measure out and secure clips to the object you're hanging, just using 2 screws in each clip.
  • Hang the object. If no tweaks are needed, install the remaining screws.
  • The clips themselves have a finished thickness of 1/4". That's fine for most applications, but if you're handy in the workshop and are able to route a recess in the back of the wood item you want to hang, a completely flush look can be achieved.

Here's what you get...
- 1 set of interlocking clips
- All the necessary fasteners

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