Chrome Contemporary Shelf Bracket - 8 3/4" x 8 3/4"

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"Your walls will thank you!
Need to display something in the kid's room, living room, kitchen, den? No matter where they wind up, these beautiful shelf brackets will add instant charm and elegance to any room of your home! Built on classic design lines, and featuring a gracefully curved support arm, they offer pleasing esthetics, while not calling too much attention to themselves.

Incredibly Strong
Don't let the simple and clean lines of these little gems fool you because they're quite robust, owing to the fact that every single component 100% SOLID, through and through. So if you have a bowling ball collection you want to show off, look no further!

Each leg measures 8 3/4" height/depth x 1 1/8" wide, and is a hefty 1/8" thick. The curved support arm is 1/2" wide, and remember, it's a solid piece of metal. Any shelf depth from 9" to 12" will look just fine.

Beautiful Finish
These brackets have a beautiful polished chrome finish.

Fasteners Included
We also supply 3/4" screws for holding the shelf in place, as well as 1" screws for attaching them to the wall. If you're putting a lot of weight on them, stud fastening is definitely recommended, but if you're looking to display lighter items and want more flexibility in terms of wall placement, by all means, use the hollow wall anchors that we supply.

Here's what you get
- One polished chrome nickel decorative shelf bracket
- All the necessary fasteners

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