Brown Felt Furniture Levelers w/T-Nuts - Set of 4

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  • PLENTY STRONG - Each leg can support 100 lbs. so a set of 4 can handle furniture pieces as heavy as 400 lbs.!
  • FLOOR FRIENDLY - The nylon foot is capped with a piece of high-density felt which is super kind to hardwood floors!
  • LOTS OF ADJUSTMENT - Each leg can be adjusted from 0" to 9/16". Plenty for even the most out-of-whack floors!
  • EASY PEEZY INSTALLATION - Drill a 5/16" hole in each corner, tap in T-nuts, screw in leveler…. DONE!
  • YOU GET - 4 Brown Levelers & 4 T-Nuts

Just say NO to wobbly furniture!
If uneven, tipsy furniture has been driving you crazy, these handy levelers from Desunia can help. Put them on tables, stools, grandfather clocks, or virtually any wood cabinet that needs leveling. They install in minutes, are almost invisible, and are super easy to adjust!

Each leg has a 1/4" threaded stud that's 1" long, which gives you up to 3/4" of height adjustment. The base is made up in 2 parts. First, there's a hard plastic section that has a espresso color, which goes great with most furniture. Then we add a high density felt base which resists compression, and is permanently epoxied on. BTW, the felt is grey, so any dust it might encounter pretty much disappears! Load capacity is 100 lbs. per leg, so the whole set can handle furniture pieces as heavy as 400 lbs.

Easy Peezy Installation
Could it be any simpler? Just drill a 5/16" hole that's 1" deep at each corner (pro tip... wrap a piece of tape around the drill bit to act as a depth gauge), tap in the T-nuts with a hammer, and screw in the levelers. Then back each one out as necessary to achieve sanity-saving, blissful evenness. The whole process can be done in less than 10 minutes (and that assumes you're taking it easy)... DONE!

Here's what you get...
Just use an adjustable square to ensure a uniform set-back from the front of the cabinet, and attach each leg with the 4 screws that are provided. Be sure to locate each leg so it lines up with the cabinet sides, for maximum strength (otherwise you're relying on the strength of the assembly screws).

4 Felt Levelers
4 Matching T-nuts



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