1 1/2" x 72" Heavy Duty Oil Rubbed Bronze Piano Hinge

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  • FURNITURE QUALITY FINISH - Beautiful antique bronze finish will do justice to all fine cabinetry
  • HEAVY DUTY - Most other piano hinges are anywhere from .035 - .040 in thickness. This is an incredible .060" thick. Wow!
  • PLENTY OF HOLES - Counter-sunk holes accommodate #6 screws and are spaced every 3"
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Cut to length with a hacksaw... pre-drill holes... put in screws….. DONE!
  • FASTENERS INCLUDED - Includes matching #6 x 3/4" screws

A great hinge for all wood cabinetry!
Whether you're looking to install a lid on an heirloom hope chest, or hang a door on a custom cabinet, Desunia is pleased to offer the ideal hinge that can make it happen, at a price you can afford.

This hinge measures wide (when fully open) and is truly heavy duty. In fact, the leaf thickness is an unheard of 06". Countersunk holes are drilled for #6 screws and are spaced 3" apart.

Fantastic Finish
The core material of the hinge is steel, while the outside has a beautiful antique bronze finish that will do justice to all fine cabinetry.

Screws Included
While some manufacturers don't even offer them, we include 48 matching #6 x 3/4" screws for your convenience.

Installation Tips
- For a balanced look, hold the hinge against the wood and position it so the holes at each end are centered.
- Mark the cut line (tip: applying masking tape to the hinge makes this step a bit easier) and cut to length with a hack saw.
- Clean up any burrs using a bench grinder or file.
- Use a self-centering Vix Bit and pre-drill the minimum holes needed to temporarily hang the door.
- Install the door and check alignment. If adjustments are needed, you can fine-tune things by using some of the holes that are still undrilled.
- Once everything is just right, pre-drill and install the rest of the screws to complete the job. Done!

Here's what you get

- 1 Antique Bronze continuous piano hinge 1-1/2" wide x 72" long
- Matching #6 x 3/4" installation screws

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