5mm Drill Bushings for Shelf Holes & Jigs - 10 Pack

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Jig Making Nirvana!
Cabinetmakers know that jigs are a HUGE time saver are hands down the best way of reproducing perfect work... every time. Unfortunately, shelf jigs made of wood don't cut it because no matter how careful you are, the holes eventually get reamed out and accuracy goes out the window.

Soooooo Easy to Use
If you have a 3/8" bit, a drill press,  and some scrap wood, you have all the components needed to make a perfect drill jig in virtually any configuration or spacing. Each bushing has linear grooves milled into it, offering plenty of "bite" into the wood to keep it right where you put it (no need to mess with any glue here). And to make your life even easier, we tapered one end just a tad to make it easy to install. Just bore 3/8" holes in the wood, and hammer them in. Yeah... that's really all there is to it.

Precision Precision Precision

Each hardened bushing is milled with perfect tolerance for use with 5mm drill bit. And because they're a .664" long, you can rest assured that your holes will always be perfectly perpendicular to the work.

Pack of 10
Yep, that's right. You get TEN bushings in all! Enough to make a 20" jig (assuming 2" spacing).

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