10" Pop-Up Folding Shelf Bracket (Pair)

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Storage that's there ... when you need it!!!
This pair of folding shelf brackets from Desunia has a lot going for it. When in the open position, they have a projection of 12". When closed, they're totally out of the way because they come off the wall just 2" (plus the thickness of the shelf). They have a capacity of 110 pounds, plenty strong for most household applications. They come in both chrome and white, both going great with any decor and will last for years to come.

Opening it takes all of 2 seconds... simply grab the shelf and swing it up until you hear the "click". But we know you'll really appreciate how the "pinch fee" mechanism works when you want to lower the shelf. All you have to do is lift it a bit and squeeze the 2 release levers in front. Then, simply lower the shelf until it's resting against the wall. Your fingers are out of harm's way at all times. What a great safety feature for both adults and kids! Nice!


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