1/4" Brad Point Drill Bits - 10 Pack

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The Ideal Bit for Drilling Perfect Shelf Holes!
High speed steel brad point bits from Desunia are just that the doctor ordered when it comes to, drilling clean, chip-free shelf holes in virtually any kind of material.

Genuine High Speed Steel
We use a very high grade of steel in making these bits. This ensures hundreds and hundreds of holes with no degradation in cutting performance!

Brad Point Design
For a truly clean hole, there really is no substitute. The center point pierces the wood first, keeping the bit from "wandering". Next, the 2 outer cutting edges make contact "scoring" a perfectly clean, chip-free circle. Once the face of the wood has been penetrated, twin spirals clear out wood chips with ease. Nice!

Stop Collar Included
Just lock-in the included stop collar and drill with confidence. This ensures all holes to be the same depth and eliminates the chance of accidentally drilling through the cabinet side!

10 Bits Included
Yep, that's right. You get TEN bits in all! Treat 'em right and they just might last you a lifetime! And to help keep things tidy, we throw in a nice re-closable plastic sleeve for handy storage

Here's what you get
- 10 1/4" HHS brad point drill bits
- 1 Stop Collar w/Allen key
- 1 plastic case

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