2-Piece Wire Grommet w/ "Brush" Opening

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Matt Chrome
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  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from die cast zinc, not cheap plastic or stamped steel
  • "BRUSH" WIRE OPENING - Nylon bristles center & protect your wires while creating a refined appearance.
  • E-Z INSTALLATION - Just bore a 2-3/8" hole... insert… DONE!
  • PROPERLY SIZED - Fits any desk hole that's 2 3/8" diameter. Will accommodate any plug 2" or less
  • 2 PIECE DESIGN - Hides the raw edge of your desk. Top half "locks into" lower half with a slight clockwise turn

Jewelry for your desk!
Whether you're outfitting a brand new office, or are looking to enhance the appearance and efficiency of your existing work space, wire grommets from Desunia can help. Available in a variety of finishes, our grommets are easy to install, look fantastic, and will tame any jumble of wires into a neat and tidy grouping.

Beautiful Finishes
Our grommets are made from die-cast zinc, the perfect base material to support our exquisitely crafted finishes.

2 Piece “Lock-In” Design
Most desk grommets are sold as "single piece", which means the raw edge of the desk top is always visible in the spot where the wires go through. The 2-piece nature of these grommets offers a much more refined appearance. Once the hole is bored, the first part is installed. This is a full circle ring, without any breaks. Then, after the wires are routed through, the top portion is put in place, and with a slight clockwise turn, snaps in nice and secure.

Larger Size = Lots of Room
The outer ring has an inside diameter of 2-1/16", which is plenty of clearance for just about any plug that has to pass through. The space for the wires is a generous ¾” x ¾”

”Brushed” Wire Opening
This is a really unique feature we know you’ll love. The actual wire opening is lined with a ring of nylon bristles. Besides creating an even more refined look, this helps keep to protect your wires by keeping them away from the metal edge of the grommet.

Installation Tips
For best results, use a 2-3/8" hole saw (be sure to do a test run on a piece of scrap first). Once you’'ve bored the hole, you should wind up with a nice, precise fit. But if there's any play, just wrap a layer or two of tape around the grommet to snug it up.

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