Washer Head Drawer Front Screws

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Desunia Washer-head screws... the perfect fastener for hanging drawer fronts that comes with many advantages over ordinary screws!

Beautiful Appearance - Zinc plated finish creates a refined look inside the drawer box.

Foolproof installation - These screws can be used for just about any thickness drawer box, while the washer head ensures that the tip could never accidentally be driven too far and poke through the finished drawer front. Auger tip allows for easy installation with less torque required.

Helpful hints for an E-Z Installation -

1. Start by drilling 4 holes in front of the drawer box. Make two of them 3/16" and the other two 5/16".
2. Take a pair of "dowel centers" and put them in the 5/16" holes.
3. Line up the drawer front on the cabinet, and give it a sharp tap with the palm of your hand.
4. Use the marks made by the dowel centers and pre-drill the back of the drawer front with an 1/8" bit.
5. Attach the drawer front to the drawer box taking care to giving them just the right amount of torque.
6. If you did everything right, you should have about 3/32" of adjustment in every direction (loosen/tighten the 2 screws so the drawer front stays put but can still be moved by hand).
7. Once you're satisfied with all your margins. "lock in" the drawer front by installing the final 2 screws.

Here's what you get...
Box of Phillips drive drawer front adjustment screws


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