Wall Mounted Adjustable Garment Rack

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  • ASJUSTABLE ANGLE - Position it at 90 degrees, or any of 3 other locations. We know you'll like this feature, because when you just have a few garments (or if space is tight), you just don't need it to project fully into the room.
  • HEAVY DUTY - OK, you may not need it for barbell storage, but feel confident to hang all the wet clothes you want on it!
  • EASY PEEZY INSTALLATION - Matching screws and hollow wall anchors are included, but we HIGHLY recommend screwing into solid wood (or a stud behind the sheetrock) for the top screw.
  • FANTASTIC FINISH - Beautiful chrome plating will look like new for years to come and will surely compliment your home décor.
  • LOTS OF USES - For the laundry room, there's no better way of hanging up damp clothes to dry. In closets, what a great place to display the next days outfit as you select the right shoes!

Useful storage when you need it. Out of the way when you don't. Beautiful to look at either way!

Use Them Throughout The House
For the laundry room, this is a great way to temporarily hang up damp garments, or to prevent clothes from wrinkling when taken fresh out of the dryer. For every closet in your home, think how nice it would be to have tomorrow's outfit on display as you select the matching shoes!

If you plan on loading it up with garments, you'll want it fully open at 90 degrees. But if you just have a couple of things to hang, wouldn't you want it to project less into the room? This is especially true if space is tight!

The gleaming chrome plating will look like new for years to come, and will truly do justice to your beautiful decor!

If you look at one of our pictures, we demonstrate how robust the design is by hanging 50 lbs. of barbells on it. So please, go right ahead and hang all the soaking wet garments you want!

Matching screws and drywall anchors are included, but for best results, please... make sure that the top screw is anchored into wood!

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