Satin Nickel Round Closet Rod Mid Hanger - 32mm Dia.

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Think all closet rod mid supports are created equal?... Think again!!!!

Seamless One Piece Construction
Take a good look at this product, especially where the various sections of it meet. Go ahead... we'll wait (and feel free to zoom in). See any joints? No? That's because unlike most other mid supports we don't take several stamped steel parts and rivet them together. That's just a clothes-dropping time bomb waiting to go off! Desunia mid supports are made from a single piece of cast zinc. Super strong!

Great Finish
After they come out of the mold, our mid-hangers go through a multi-step smoothing/deburring process. Then it's off to the finishing station where they first get a generous nickel plating, and then get their signature satin effect, which is applied by hand. The result is a flawless piece of "closet jewelry" that will continue to look fantastic in your home for many years. BTW, don't forget to choose Desunia brand rods and end hangers too. That's the safest bet to wind up with a perfect match in fit and finish!

Made specifically for (32mm) closet rods. If you choose the Desunia brand, you're guaranteed a perfect fit. The mounting flange has 3 countersunk holes, for plenty of holding power. Once installed, the top of the rod will be 2 1/8" below the shelf, which is the ideal clearance for most hangers.

Hanging Options
We realize that not all closet shelves are the same thickness, so we include 2 different length screws for your convenience.

Here's What You Get
One satin nickel closet rod mid-support.
Three ¾" matching screws (for thinner shelves).
Three 1" matching screws (for thicker shelves).

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