Satin Brass End Brackets (Screw-in) for 32mm Diameter Rod

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Meet the New Gold Standard in Closet Rod Support
Closet end supports come in many forms, but this exclusive offering from Desunia combines high style, a minimalist profile, a simple installation, and an amazing price. In other words closet rod hanging nirvana!

Hidden Screw Design
We never really could understand why so many closet rod flanges have such a big, bulky outer ring for the attachment screws to go into. Our design puts the screws on the inside, keeping them completely hidden from view.

Discrete Set Screws Included
This feature ensures the rod will never accidentally become dislodged. A few turns with the provided hex wrench keeps everything secure. Oh, by the way, notice how we put the set screw on OPPOSITE sides of each pair? This means when your installation is done, both set screws will face the BACK of the closet and will never be seen. Yep... we thought of everything!

Extra Screws Included
If going into a wood panel, use the provided ¾” screws so they don't pop through. If attaching to drywall, break out the included wall anchors and 1 1/8" screws. Either way, we've got you covered!

Amazing Finish
Hey, we got so excited telling you all about our unique design, we almost forgot to brag about the finish! Satin brass lends an undeniable warmth and understated elegance to any closet. Our only regret is not being able to be there to take a bow when you show off your new closet to your friends!

Don't Forget The Rod!
To make sure everything matches perfectly, pick up a HEAVY DUTY complementary satin brass rod from Desunia. The perfect counterpart in both size and finish!

Here's What You Get
- Two satin brass 32mm diameter closet rod brackets (screw-in type).
- ¾” installation screws
- 1 1/8" installation screws
- Drywall anchors
- One hex wrench

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