Polished Chrome Adjustable Oval Rod End Support

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  • ELEGANT SOLUTION - The perfect means of hanging a closet rod from an overhead shelf!
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Screw to underside of shelf, insert rod….Done!
  • TOOL FREE ADJUSTABILITY - Easily adjust the rod so it's as little as 2-1/4" or as much as 3" from the underside of the shelf!
  • BEAUTIFUL FINISH - Like all D.H.S. closet products, it has a beautiful chrome plating to keep it looking new for years to come!
  • SCREWS INCLUDED - Comes with 3/4" long matching screws for your convenience!

Desunia… ... The Closet Professionals!
Oval closet rods are usually hung with 2 matching flanges, attached to opposite walls. But for situations where you need to hang a rod, but don't have a wall as a termination point, D.H.S. is pleased to offer the most elegant solution you could ask for! Just attach this adjustable end hanger into your overhead shelf with the screws provided and insert the rod into the open end. And because the rod gets recessed in a full 9/16", it doesn't even matter if you cut the rod a little ragged, because it'll be totally hidden for a nice, clean look.

Fully Adjustable
But why stop there? We actually took a great idea and made it even better, because this clever piece of hardware actually consists of 2 different components, where the lower half simply screws into the upper half. This means you can adjust the height of your closet rod by as much as 3/4"! Screw it all the way in and position the top of the rod from as close as 2-1/4" from the overhead shelf. Or, you can give yourself a little more room by lowering it to its maximun length, which is enough to allow 3" of clearance!

Great Finish
Like all Desunia closet products, this end hanger has a beautiful chrome plating, to keep it looking like new for years to come!


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