Black End Hangers Brackets for 32mm Diameter Rod

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Desunia… The closet professionals!
If your closet rod has one end exposed and are looking for a nice way to finish it off, you've come to the right place!

Great Finish
After they come out of the mold, our mid-hangers go through a multi-step smoothing/deburring process. Then it's off the finishing station where they get a generous powder coat finish that will last for years. BTW, don't forget to choose Desunia brand rods and end hangers too. That's the safest bet to wind up with a perfect match in fit and finish!

Perfect for Open-Ended Situations
If you have a closet where you don't want the rod to go wall-to-wall, this is just the thing to finish off the end.

2 Length Screws Provided
For standard overhead shelves, use the shorter screws, but if you're going into something a little meatier, use the longer ones. Naturally, they match the finish of the hangers perfectly!

- One matte black 32mm round end-hanger
- Three 3/4" long matching screws
- Three 1 3/16" long matching screws

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