Black End Brackets for 32mm Diameter Rod

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The perfect companion to our matte black closet rod!
If you've purchased a Desunia closet rod and are looking for end supports, you've come to the right place! Made of cast metal, these end supports have the same matte black finish as our closet rods and will keep looking great for years to come.

Usually, gravity is enough to keep the rod in place, but if you have kids, or are just looking for a bit more security, they're sure nice to have. Also, unlike other manufacturers, we provide a left & right. This means both set screws will be facing the same direction after they're installed, for a clean look.

Gotta say, we really did go the extra mile here! We provide you with TWO different length screws... just in case. Use the 1 1/8" screws when going into drywall (we provide the drywall anchors too BTW), but if you're just going into a 3/4" thick wood panel, you can opt to use the shorter screws that we also provide. They're Phillips head #7 and sit nice and flush in the flange for a really professional look.

- 2 Cast metal matte black end cups (for any rod up to diameter
- 4 Phillips head screws (1 1/8" long)
- 4 Phillips head screws (3/4" long)
- 4 Hollow wall anchors

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