Heavy Duty Leveler Legs w/ Lock Nuts - 4 Pcs.

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  • HEAVY DUTY - Made from 14 ga. (.080") steel. Load capacity is 600 lbs. per leg
  • INTEGRAL LEDGER - Ensures that the load is carried by the leveler, not the screws
  • LOCK NUTS INCLUDED - An absolute MUST for the workshop or garage, especially if any vibrating machinery is involved.
  • FREE SPINNING FOOT - Compensates for irregular floors. Polyethylene cap protects floors as it keeps moisture away
  • YOU GET - 4 Legs, 16 Installation screws (#10 x 3/4"), 5mm hex wrench

Got a 8,000 lb. workbench that needs leveling?... Read On!
Desunia is pleased to offer a leveler that's tough as nails, but as easy to install as it is to adjust.

Real Steel
Housings are made from 14 ga. (.080"), zinc plated steel. Each has a 7/16" wide ledger that hooks under the cabinet. This ensures the load gets carried directly on the leveler, not the screws. BTW the screws we provide are no joke. They're 3/4" long #10 Philips head (nickel plated), perfect for supporting a bookcase with plywood sides or a workbench with 4 x 4 legs.

Versatile Threaded Leg
The legs have a 10mm dia. (a heavy 3/8") shaft that adjusts from 0" to 2-1/2". The feet are 1-1/4" dia. and spin freely on the threaded shaft. This allows them to tilt if your floor is really bad. Adjustments are easier too, as you won't be fighting the friction of the entire foot rubbing against the floor as it's being turned. Black polyethylene caps protect your floor and block any moisture from getting to the foot.

Lock Nuts Included
These are a MUST for the workshop or garage, especially if vibrating equipment is involved. Just level the piece out and then snug the nuts up against the bottom of the housing. BTW, these are 10mm lock nuts, which would have been quite expensive if you had to provide them yourself.

Could it be any easier? Just hook them onto the cabinet and attach with the provided screws. The whole thing could be done in 5 minutes (and that assumes you're taking it easy).

If you're able to reach below, it's easiest to just use a pry bar to lift the cabinet and turn the shaft with your fingers. If access is limited, use the provided 5mm hex wrench. An access hole can also be drilled in the cabinet floor to get the wrench through.

Here's what you get...
4 Heavy Duty Leg levelers w/lock nuts, 16 Pan head screws (#10 x 3/4"), 5mm hex wrench


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Kim Kirkevold
I will use these anytime I build shelves.
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