Cabinet Leveler Toe Kick Clips - 12 Pcs.

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"Ledger Lovers" Take Note!!!

Most folks like to have our levelers do all the work by putting one on each corner of the cabinet. This is the preferred method (and the one that we recommend), but some installers prefer a different approach, by screwing a wood "ledger" to the wall. This continuous cleat could be anything from a straight 2 x 4 to a plywood strip. The important thing is that it be set at exactly the right height and perfectly level. Once it's installed, just attach our leveler legs only to the front of the cabinet, sit the cabinet on the ledger and adjust the front legs to suit. Yeah, it takes a little longer to set up, and there's less room for error, but it definitely works well if set up properly. BTW another benefit is there's no need to reach under to the back of the cabinet to make adjustments.

Only problem with this approach is you'll need one toe kick clip for each leg. Since we sell our legs in a kit (with 1 clip for every 2 legs), you'll wind up being short on clips. Offering the clips separately solves this problem! Your welcome! :-)

Here's what you get...
- 12 Toe Kick Clips
- All the necessary fasteners


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