White 48" Round Closet Rod - 32mm Dia.

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Desunia is pleased to offer this beautiful clothes rod which will look great in any closet... especially yours!

Strength You Can Count On!
The moment you take this rod out of the box you'll be saying to yourself: "Oh yeah... this is the real deal". That's because its got a diameter of (32mm) and is made from steel that's a robust .045" thick! Bring on those heavy winter coats!

Fantastic Finish
The heavier steel that goes into this closet pole is the perfect foundation for a fantastic finish. Some manufacturers apply the finish as soon as the raw goods come in from the mill. Not us! We use a multi-step process to make our rods "smooth as a baby's bottom" first, and THEN apply an amazing white powder coating. The glossy finish looks great and is durable enough to last for years!

Support Flanges Sold Separately
Please keep in mind that you're just getting the rod itself here. If you need end supports, please order them separately! Oh and don't forget to select Desunia end supports to ensure a perfect match in both size and finish!

Just say NO to telescoping rods!
Why? Well for starters, this one-piece rod is WAY stronger than your typical telescoping rod. Also, you'll never have to deal with that annoying "hump" that two-piece rods have, which makes it 10X easier to slide hangers back and forth! If you're still on the fence because you're nervous about cutting our rod to size, try this pro tip... Wrap some masking tape around the rod a few times in the place where the cut will be. This makes it much easier to mark it with a pencil and also prevents the hacksaw from "wandering" as you start the cut. Easy Peezy!

Here's What You Get
One 48" long gloss white powder-coated round closet rod (32mm) diameter.

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