Why Shop With Us ?

First, let's address the 800 lb. gorilla: Price. Our philosophy is to set prices that are fair, so everybody wins. You'll know you're not getting ripped off, while our employees get to earn living wage. So while it might be possible to scour the internet to save a few cents on an item, most of our customers come to discover that service really does count for something.

Need help in selecting the right item? Call us. We're here to help. Need some advice on how to install a set of drawer slides? Again, that's why we're here. We have many decades of experience in the field and we invite you to take advantage of it.

And here's the thing...we don't just offer this level of service in order to grow our business, we actually like helping folks for it's own sake. Sound old fashioned? Probably, but it works for us.


Michael Dugan (Founder)