CUSTOM CUT! - Oval Closet Rod w/ "Rear-Pin" Support Brackets - Black

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Help Has Arrived!!!!
Upgrading your closet is supposed to be easy, except for the dreaded chore of cutting the rod to length because it's a HUGE HEADACHE.
- The slipping hacksaw blade
- The crooked cuts
- The jagged edges...
Well, the good news is those days are over, and your life just got 10X easier. We got this!

Easy-Peezy Ordering
Just click the "Customize Now" button and enter the size you need (to the nearest 1/16"). We'll take care of deducting for the thickness of the end cups.

Strength You Can Count On!
Don't be fooled by other choices that may appear to be the same, because all rods are not created equal! Ours is a robust 22 ga., far thicker than most others. Oval shape really resists bending!

Beautiful Finish
The heavier steel that goes into our closet poles is the perfect foundation for a fantastic finish. There’s no denying that matte black is a classy finish that will improve the look of your already beautiful home!

"System" End Supports
The 2 provided end supports have 5mm pins that project out the back. These are specifically made for cabinets that have "system holes" drilled at 32mm increments. This includes most prefabbed cabinets.

Installation is Easy as 1,2,3
Step 1 - Insert the end cups into your pre-drilled holes
Step 2 - Drop in the pre-cut rod
Step 3 -
Well, actually, there is no 3rd step. You're already done ("Easy as 1,2" didn't really have the proper ring to it). OK, if you realllllly want to go overboard, we do include a set screw for extra security, but honestly, it's not really necessary.

Please understand that since this is a custom product this is non-returnable, so PLEASE... measure with care!

Here's what you get...
- 1 custom-cut matte black oval rod up to 94" long
- 2 matte black end supports with set-screws

5 out of 5
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Lakeville, MN
Great closet bar, exactly what I was looking for. It was cut exactly to my measurements and it's high quality.
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