Bronze Panel Ratainer Clips (25 pcs.)

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  • All metal construction and absolute MUST in finer cabinetry
  • Classic bronze finish goes beautifully with all types of wood
  • Extremely versatile, can handle offsets from 0" to as much as 1-1/8"
  • Tool-free adjustment makes it easy to apply just the right degree of torque
  • Package of 25 pcs.

Make your glass doors look just as nice on the inside!

Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a hand-built masterpiece, or are just sprucing up an existing cabinet with glass doors, why mess around with cheap looking, plastic retaining clips? If you really want to do your furniture justice, the classic look of these all-metal gems from D.H.S. offer lots of versatility, at a terrific price!

Aside from taking mere seconds to install, we know you'll appreciate how easy they allow you to put just the right amount of tension on the glass, because there's no better means of dialing in the perfect degree of torque than a thumb screw. And since it's all done "tool-free", future adjustments are easy as pie.

There is really no situation that these clips can't handle. With the screw backed all the way out, the glass could actually be flush with the back of the door. When screwed all the way in, the back of the glass could offset as much as 3/8" and they'd still do fine. BTW, if you ever needed to install glass in a really thick door, you could simply flip the clip over and achieve an offset as much as 1-1/8"! Nice!

The classic bronze color goes great with virtually any kind of wood (or any shade of paint, for that matter), and the brown vinyl tips protect the glass from damage while eliminating any annoying rattling. Hint: more particular cabinetmaker's will appreciate how they can easily fine-tune the degree to which the thumb screw projects into the cabinet by temporarily removing the vinyl cap and grinding some material off the screw's end.


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